Privacy policy

Updated on: 17th July, 2020

To be clear, we don’t save any of your personal data in our server. We process your data temporarily for providing this service and clears after each session.

We process personal data that you provide to us as follows:

1.Data processing in the context of contacting us:
If you contact us (e.g. by e-mail or telephone), your data is processed to carry out pre-contractual measures or to fulfil the contract for processing or dealing with your inquiry.

2.General data processing in the context of the business relationship:
> Your data is processed to fulfil a contractual relationship or has a legal basis in the context of a business relationship (or for processing that relationship). Your data is processed to deal with business transactions formally and to process the sale of services. The transmission of the relevant data in each individual case has a legal basis or fulfils a contractual relationship. In addition, transmission is carried out to the following categories of recipients: Banks, legal representatives, accountants, auditors and tax advisers, courts, competent administrative authorities, contract and business partners, insurance companies

3. We process personal data that we receive through your use of our website as follows:
This Privacy Policy applies to personal data processed by Hotjar in our business, including on our websites and other online or offline offerings (a “Service” or collectively, the “Services”). Hotjar enables the visitors of its site,, to be in control of their personal data. For further details regarding this, see terms and conditions & privacy policy of